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Baking & Cooking with Gluten-Free Flour

Dr. Muth

Years ago, when my daughter's medical test results confirmed she has celiac disease, I enlisted the help of my mom to try to make delicious gluten-free treats.  We tried so many different flours and recipe adjustments we lost count! 

Nut flours had a different color and texture than regular wheat flour. Plus, they were heavier and had a different oil content. Even with adjusting the recipes the results weren't as fluffy as "normal" wheat flour. 

Here are my most important tips for keeping a gluten-free kitchen:

Avoid Cross-Contamination

Wipe down counters well if you are cooking for gluten-free but have some family members still eating gluten. This is especially important if your family has some people who MUST eliminate gluten. 

Pay attention to cross-reactivity

Know the other foods that might bring on symptoms for you. These are called cross-reactive. You can read more about cross-reactivity in this article. 

Use our GF Naturals All-Purpose Flour 

After a long search for a delicious gluten-free flour that had the right texture and was easy to use, we developed our own flour. Clients and patients have raved about it!

HOW TO USE: Pick your favorite recipe for what you want to bake or cook. Replace the wheat flour with same amount of  Gluten-Free Flour. Bake or cook as usual. Enjoy!

YEAST BREADS: As with all yeast bread recipes using regular wheat flour, you may need to adjust the amount of liquid based on your climate.

* Gluten-Free Flour is manufactured in Wisconsin, USA in a nut-free facility

Please feel free to share your recipes with us – we would love to try them!